30 Days as a Lodger

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Taking the plunge from virtual member to officing Lodger at The Work Lodge took some faith and a tad of “crazy” if you ask me. After graduating from fashion design school in 2016, I became a virtual member here at the Vintage Park location, not only to legitimize my brand with a physical business address, but also to chat up fellow entrepreneurs on occasion.

As a virtual member, I met career strategist Natasha Ferguson www.gothired.net at an event I hosted here. I was looking for some direction in my business, and after meeting with Natasha, we determined that I could establish a color consulting firm while also launching the fashion brand. You see, color and color analysis form part of my professional past, and I am fully credentialed in these areas.

I moved into The Work Lodge on September 1, 2017, and the last 30 days have been a whirlwind in the best possible sense. Here are some highlights:

I formed a new LLC, LFB Color Consulting, to offer professional color analysis and color branding services to both individuals and businesses. My new website www.lfbcolor.com goes live on October 5th.

I taped a professional welcome video for the website with renowned Houston videographer Michelle Roycroft www.thefilmstill.com.

Fellow Lodger Amy Walker www.amywalkercpa.com  set me up and walked me through QuickBooks accounting software for the new business venture. We met here at The Work Lodge passing each other in the halls, and I knew right away that working with her would be a good fit!

Houston ABC Channel 13 came to interview me on camera about fall’s top 10 Pantone colors and how to wear them. Tune in on October 19th, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. to view the segment!

The ABC TV camera crew is coming back to our Vintage Park location to tape me in October discussing vegan fashion and my apparel designs.

Last weekend at The Work Lodge I held my first ever fashion photography shoot featuring the debut vegan women’s apparel line.

Most importantly, I was selected by master colorist Darin Wright of www.eleablake.com to be trained on her state-of-the-art color analysis system, ebhues. Darin and I were both trained years ago on the same color analysis system, but she has since developed a more customized, expanded and proprietary system of her own, available until now only in her Chattanooga, Tennessee studio.

The 4-day training is next week, after which time I will become Darin’s first and only trained ebhues color analyst in the world.

What I will be able to offer clients here at The Work Lodge is something they cannot find anywhere else except with Darin Wright herself.

All in all, I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for the multitude of opportunities that have come my way since transitioning to full-time Lodger here at The Work Lodge of Vintage Park.

Thank you, Mike and the Vintage Park team, for the enthusiasm and support you have offered during my first month as a Lodger.