New to paint as I was? Tip # 1: Not all paints are created equally

Greetings, fellow color enthusiasts. Let's talk paint, but not just paint color. I want to focus today on what I am learning about the Benjamin Moore brand. Before I begin, know that I am not being sponsored by Benjamin Moore to write this post, and it is not an advertisement. 

Before beginning my color consulting with SRH Paint Company of Spring, Texas last week, I was the person who slapped the least expensive coat of paint on the walls of my home in as few coats as possible to get the job done. I thought that selecting between satin or semi-gloss finish made me fancy and 'in the know.'

As I am about to repaint my entire home, now I'm REALLY focused on doing things the Benjamin Moore way. Here's what I am learning, folks.

1. Benjamin Moore uses their own colorants and pigments to create paint color that maintains its vibrancy and resists fade! Translation: Buy the better quality paint once to avoid having to repaint or having to use too many coats.

I'm thinking about painting my own front door in Benjamin Moore's Aura Grand Entrance in Wild Blueberry. Note: Aura Grand Entrance is for exterior doors and trim.

2. Let's talk humidity. It is a way of life here in Houston, Texas!

Aura Bath & Spa is designed specifically for areas exposed to humidity, such as bathrooms. This paint is mildew resistant and comes in a soft matte finish. Frankly, I am contemplating using it in my entire home, because the finish allows for repeated washing with no color rubbing off as a result. I have 3 kids who have historically been rough with my walls.

I want to explore light greens in all of my bathrooms this year. My pick is Sweet Celadon CSP-785. Check it out!


Aura Color Stories in Sweet Celadon CSP-785

Aura Color Stories in Sweet Celadon CSP-785

3. With paint, we usually worry about color last believe it or not. First we focus on what properties are needed for the given space

As a color consultant, I obsess over color and all of its nuances.....period. The same holds true when I specify paint colors for other people. If we select a color, we don't want it "grayed down" or looking dull. With Benjamin Moore, there are over 4,000 color options, so finding the right hue is never an issue.

First we look at paint functionality for any given space. For exteriors, we focus on durability and fade resistance. For interiors such as ceilings, we look for finishes that hide imperfections. For high traffic areas such as kitchens and playrooms, we look for good "scrubbability." 

Next week I am attending a two-day paint school with Benjamin Moore to learn all about the paint options within their entire product line, which of course is expansive.

As I learn more, I'll teach you what I know, so do stay tuned!

Your color strategist,



Another Aura Bath +Spa option: Mount Saint Anne # 1565

Another Aura Bath +Spa option: Mount Saint Anne # 1565