Paint DIYers: Who's down for some special effects paint projects?

Greetings, friends and fellow color lovers alike!

I just sat in on a 2-day Benjamin Moore product training last week in Dallas, and learned that there are specialty paints for everything from sinks to garage floors to football fields and tennis courts. Paint is anywhere there is a surface.

This had me thinking about the DIY world, where creatives come together and do innovative things with everyday items. As a busy mom and professional, I don't have time to do a ton of DIY painting projects. My daughters, however, are interested in painting and redecorating their rooms, so we are currently exploring options. 

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: Please note that almost all of my photos presented at this point have been downloaded either from Pinterest or selected from Benjamin Moore's website, and it will be that way until I start doing some of these projects myself. I do my best to credit the photo source, and in most cases include a link. 

Here is the inspiration piece for my 12-year-old's room décor. (I did snap this photo!)This painting was gifted to me by a very special friend, and we knew we'd incorporate it somewhere in the home. The overall color scheme my daughter wants includes warm deep reds, golds and metallic glaze over some of the walls with an accent wall in black chalkboard paint. We have our work cut out for us, don't we?

A color palette we are exploring is within Benjamin Moore's Williamsburg collection in CW-325 Brickyard Red + CW-255 Palace Arms Red + CW-425 Palace Ochre + CW-430 Scrivener Gold.


While we're at it, let's add glitter to the mix, shall we? My daughter feels inspired by that, too. Below you see Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Glitter Effects added to the wall color. At this point, I am looking at painting two red walls, one gold wall, and an accent wall in chalkboard paint. Oh my word!

GOOD TO KNOW: This is a top coat paint, dries very hard and is soap and water washable! Let's not kid ourselves.....children's rooms get dirty and so do the walls. Apply this glitter effect on any color to reveal a transparent, iridescent look.



We also talked about mixing silver and gold metallic, and painting a furniture piece in Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Molten Metallics is an option. See this piece below.

GOOD TO KNOW: The Molten Metallics are oil based colors, not glazes or topcoats, so you use it as a paint. The finish achieved will look like hammered metal. It dries to a very high gloss finish and can be applied to almost any surface.

Last but not least, let's have a crack at a chalkboard paint wall while we're at it. Benjamin Moore manufactures ben chalkboard paint that is offered in thousands of colors, but we are going with either charcoal gray or black ourselves.

GOOD TO KNOW: You will usually need at LEAST two coats of chalkboard paint. Once that has dried, allow at least THREE DAYS for the paint to cure before writing on it with chalk.

It seems by the look of things that I am setting myself up for an entire year of home improvement and DIY projects. We are putting the finishing touches on Pergo flooring on our second floor, then we paint the interior walls of almost every room minus the girls' rooms.  I will post more photos as we start each project.

Until next time, live colorfully,