Neiman Marcus' 2018 Fall Must Haves event in Houston Galleria store

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I had the distinct honor and privilege of being hired by Neiman Marcus to be a featured guest at their 2018 Fall Must Haves event with TV/media personality Courtney Zavala of Houston Life TV earlier this month. Courtney was the host, and I was there to offer my color analysis services to guests following the fashion show. It was a MEMORABLE NIGHT indeed. 

After the 21-or-so-look fashion show, I helped over 40 attendees determine which metallic tones best suit them based on an in-store mini color analysis I did with several metallic color boards. 

This exercise is useful in determining metallic jewelry and cosmetic color choices!

TV Media Personality Courtney Zavala and I had a blast chatting fall 2018 colors + trends

TV Media Personality Courtney Zavala and I had a blast chatting fall 2018 colors + trends

The fashion show featured fall 2018 trends, such as peacock hues (think blues, teals, berries, reds and purples), animal print, fringe, cowboy boots and boots in general, sequins for day and night, power tailoring and leather everything.


Not only did Neiman Marcus put on an amazing fashion show, but they also let me select my own outfit, shoes and jewelry. Check out my look for the evening. I was all about combining power suiting (navy blue, the new black), sequins and peacock hued shoes embellished with cubic zirconium studs by Jimmy Choo. 


I have two videos to share here with you, and both of them recap the event in different ways. The first video below was created by my business colleague and dear friend Ann Ngo. Ann is a well-known YouTuber and the creative director of Youtique Bridal, a DIY inspiration and lifestyle site for creative brides and creators in general. Please do subscribe to Ann's channel below, and enjoy this recap of the fashion show!

The second video is by Houston Life TV, Courtney Zavala and her camera guy Brian. Thanks to them for shooting coverage of this event, and for interviewing me about what I do with my color boards!

Again, this experience was a beautiful one for me, because I got to share both my love of color and fashion with everyone. It was a great honor to be invited/hired by Neiman Marcus to be a guest at this event.

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