Full Service Color Consulting

Educating + Empowering Individuals and Brands


LFB Color's mission as a full service color consulting firm is to educate + empower people and brands in the effective use of color for personal presentation and competitive positioning in the marketplace.

On the individual level, LFB Color offers personalized color analysis to determine clients' ideal color palettes for wardrobing, cosmetic and imaging purposes. This individual color course enables clients to streamline their wardrobes, mix and match pieces seamlessly, save time getting dressed every day, and avoid costly shopping mistakes in the future.

"The right colors worn head to toe visually shave 10 years and 10 pounds for clients, and harmoniously enhance their personal and professional image."

Color and brand identity are inextricably linked, and LFB Color works with companies to develop color palettes that best communicate their intended message, capture the right audience and position themselves in an increasingly competitive business world. 

In addition to individual + business consultation, LFB Color Consulting offers corporate and small group seminars, color workshops, and webinars on the latest developments in the world of color.


It was obvious from the first day of class that Lauren is a born leader as she is engaging, creative, resourceful, and willing to work hard and share her ideas with others.
— Leatrice Eiseman | Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute