Leatrice Eiseman

Lauren Battistini attended an intensive program in color and design for professionals that I taught in the summer of 2015. I found her to be a woman of exceptional talent and ability.  It was obvious from the first day of class that she is a born leader as she is engaging, creative, resourceful, and willing to work hard and share her ideas with others.  I would happily endorse her for a variety of color-related endeavors.


Leatrice Eiseman is the Director of Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and the Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute


Rebecca Spera

For more than a decade, Lauren Battistini has worked with me as an on-air expert in color consulting.  She’s one of the best in her trade and continuously provides viewers with takeaway information that empowers them to shop and wear the colors that are not only in-style but will work for their complexion.  I still receive comments about her “Color of the Season” stories, as well as one of our most popular stories from 2009: “The Right White for You”.  Women, especially brides, loved learning about their most flattering shade of white!  In addition, because she is such an organized professional, she’s always made my job as a TV Host, Reporter, and Producer easier and more enjoyable. 


Rebecca is a Houston TX based, nationally syndicated TV host, reporter + producer


LaZetta Bryant

Lauren provided me with color consultation services for my new product release. Her thorough research and market trends and predictions were made simple and is a true value added service. It allowed me to make decisions with ease. It was a pleasure working with Lauren, and I would highly recommend her services.


LaZettaBryant  print/graphic design/illustration/web   www.jadeberthcreative.com


Diane LaDuca

Lauren has presented her knowledge of color to my Intro to Fashion class at Houston Community College. She was very captivating as she explained the cools and warms, doing mini analysis on a few students. We were extremely engaged, learning how to combine hues to compliment skin complexions. She also shared the latest color trends forecast for future seasons. Overall, Lauren's presentation was very beneficial in furthering my students' understanding of color and fashion.


Diane LaDuca is a Fashion Design industry professional, Adjunct Professor, Fashion Design + Merchandising, Houston Community College


Andrea Bonner

Lauren's keen sense of color analysis as well as her knowledge of current fashion trends and body types gives her a solid foundation in which to style clients on the personal and corporate level. Lauren's vast experience encompasses national television segments, educational workshops and individual client sessions, all of which have solidified her footing as a color and fashion styling expert.  


Andrea is a Professor and Program Coordinator, Fashion Merchandising at Houston Community College