First Impressions Matter

We form opinions and judgments about people and products within 90 seconds


"We form opinions and judgments about people and products within 90 seconds, and between 62 and 90% of that judgment is based on color alone." - The Institute for Color Research and Development.

This is the single most quoted statistic about the importance of color, yet it is backed by years of study and has been confirmed time and time again in further marketing research.

Color is the silent marketer, engaging all of our senses at once, and thus affects perception and decision making on many levels. As we know, purchasing decisions are based largely on emotion and intuition, and color factors greatly into that process.

Color and brand identity are inextricably linked, making color one of the most important factors in setting the tone for both personal and professional branding.

Since color does the talking for us, we want the message conveyed to be one we dictate as people and business professionals.

For emerging businesses and those wishing to maximize marketing dollars, color is one of the most cost effective ways to establish presence, create image and set a business apart from the competition.

Color is so powerful that it ultimately becomes part of a company's history and narrative.

On the personal level, the power of color is even more compelling. When our total adornment--clothing, hair, makeup and accessories---is in harmony with our skin undertone, we appear more polished, professional, trustworthy, and attractive. Knowing our best colors facilitates easy wardrobe planning, simple mixing and matching of pieces and a confidence that comes from knowing exactly how to dress each and every day with little to no effort.