Lending my color expertise to the world of window treatments

Good morning and greetings from the LFB Color headquarters!

I just didn't have a clever title for today's post. Nothing zesty or catchy struck me, and in the past that would have kept me from writing a blog post at all. Now I realize that it is far better to just write the darned post and not worry about hash tags, clever titles, optimal marketing lingo, etcetera.

Last week my client SRH Paint Co decided to expand his Benjamin Moore business a bit by bringing in window treatments by Hunter Douglas. Paint and window treatments do go hand in hand, no? SRH has had the display in the store for some time but didn't have a designated Hunter Douglas rep. That's where I come in. We decided to send me to Hunter-Douglas school so to speak. I completed three exams, watched a ton of videos, and learned about a line of over 26 products. Needless to say, I did not learn EVERYTHING there is to know.

SRH Paint Co offers a full line of products for your home

As a big picture thinker and one to focus on why and how anyone or any product can enhance my life, I created my own list of what I'd want to know about Hunter-Douglas products if I were considering them for my own home. DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid by Hunter Douglas to write this post, and it is not at all written for advertising purposes. These are my opinions about the products after having been trained and certified on them.

Important things to know about Hunter Douglas products

1. All Hunter Douglas products, systems and components are made and produced in the United States. That keeps quality control standards in house, high and more easily controlled than if the products were produced internationally.


Hunter Douglas tests all products at one of their facilities before launching any and all of them.

2. All Hunter Douglas products come with a lifetime guarantee. They mean it. If 20 years from now something malfunctions, a Hunter Douglas rep will either replace that product for you or offer a comparable one at no charge. That is CLASSY and how business should be done.

A full array of Hunter Douglas products in MANY colorways, textures and patterns

3. Cut your energy bills dramatically with the right Hunter Douglas products.

I could go on and on and give you data to support this, and explain which products do what, but I will spare you. Suffice it to say that Hunter Douglas prides itself on a product line that is THE MOST energy efficient in the global marketplace. Period. I have studied some of the reports to see that the blinds often pay for themselves within the first year alone because of energy savings.

Color and many other options abound. How exciting is this for us color enthusiasts?

4. Here's the fun part. As a color "tamer" as I called myself last week, I can help YOU match and coordinate window treatments using your color inspirations, textiles, décor, paint chips or whatever else you bring to the store for me to evaluate. We can have fun with color, create flow and harmony in your home, AND select window treatments that serve the intended function AND are aesthetically pleasing to you.

Headshot by brand photographer + my good friend Victoria Garcia www.victoriagarciastudios.com

Speaking of working with me on color, there are two ways to do so, friends. You can either make an appointment to visit me at SRH Paint Co in Spring, Texas, OR I do make house calls. Either way, reach out to me via text 281-989-4086 or email lauren@lfbcolor.com.

In-store consultations are always complimentary, but I do charge consulting fees for in-home appointments. The great advantage of calling me out to your home is that we can evaluate colors in your space, factoring in your lighting and testing color boards and such on all of the walls in your home.

Okay, I am off to write the next blog post all about Pantone's color forecasts for the year 2020!!

Stay tuned, color lovers!