My take on Pantone's Autumn|Winter 2019|20 color trends part 1 of 2

Hello, party people.

As promised, tonight we begin the discussion of what Pantone says are the colors for Autumn|Winter 2019|20. Last week I attended their webinar, where Pantone executives reported on a number of themes, fashion motifs, color combinations and attitudes in general about color. 

In part one of my report, I want to discuss macro themes presented and a bit about some global and cultural trends that are influencing the final selection of Pantone's colors for Autumn|Winter 2019|20. 

The first global order of business is human's need for connection and personal interaction to counter the increasing sense of disconnectedness that people feel in this digital age and time of artificial intelligence. 

People are looking to reconnect in authentic ways, and what better way to symbolize connection than through a simple circle? Yes, we are seeing fashion, art and home décor fully embrace the circle and variations of it. Here are some examples from one of Houston's own renowned artists, Gary Griffin

Another major cultural trend is wellness and aging redefined. The statistic shared by Pantone is that 86% of folks interviewed believe that they are not at all defined by age. Hey, I have been trying to tell everyone this forever! 

We are seeing a proliferation of mature models in skincare, fashion and even swimwear ads. People are embracing the aging process and taking care of their health better than ever before. Part of this wellness movement focuses on the strengthening of both mind and body. 

A third major theme is this attitude of maximalism, going bold, creating unique color combinations and mixtures of prints and patterns. Unique, personal styling of pieces is the name of the fashion game. As a color rebel myself, I love to see all of this unfold both on runways and in real life. See one of my favorite Instagrammers in action below.


Journey of a Stylist

Journey of a Stylist

Another trend that I am super jazzed about is a melding of various cultural and global influences to create a type of hybrid fashion statement. It is key to note that this IS NOT AT ALL CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, a hotly debated topic of the day. We are seeing essentially an appreciation for many different cultural influences, a respect of them, and a new blending of many of their elements.

Rocky Mae Style

Rocky Mae Style

I have a lot more information to share with you folks next Monday. We will continue the discussion as I detail several color palettes for Autumn|Winter 2019|20 and select my top picks accordingly.

Until next week, good night and have a colorful evening,

Your "color tamer" Lauren