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Call me a color tamer, not a color expert AND 3 things I do with color

Greetings, friends and fellow color lovers!

Thank you for your readership and for following me on this long and winding color journey. If you have noticed, I am actually posting weekly on the blog. This is intentional and no small task for a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl like me. 

This week I explain all about what I do in the field of color, because now I operate three areas of business. Check out this 10-minute Facebook Live video that was recorded today with my brand photographer friend Victoria Garcia of

In the video, I discuss the three types of color consulting I do: personal color analysis, business color consulting, and paint or surface specification for homes and commercial property.

See link here:

Last week I completed an in-home color consultation for my client who is selling her 4500-square foot home. She needed my help selecting new carpet, countertop, backsplash, wood flooring AND paint colors. She wanted a refreshed look to make the home easier to sell. Basically, I was in color heaven getting to choose all of these surface colors!!!

My client was specific to tell me that she wanted to avoid the use of creamy, earthy, beige, or yellowed colors on the wall. She wanted to select colors using variations of white or even greige. We spent the next two hours walking from room to room with my large color board samples, recently purchased from

After each color consultation, I provide my clients with a full report listing colors chosen for each room of the house. See example below. We include paint color name, code and recommended finish or sheen. 

This is the color report I completed for my client looking to use whites and off-whites in her home. 

This is the color report I completed for my client looking to use whites and off-whites in her home. 

Now, at first glance these whites I specified look similarly, do they not? On small paint chips that is true. There is not a HUGE difference, but paint those colors up on expansive walls and you WILL see differences in them based on their undertone, lightness or darkness AND temperature (how cool or warm they appear). 

This brings me to my final point. Even after receiving over 5 color related certifications in multiple areas of the industry, I still do not refer to myself as a color expert. I am very qualified to work in color, and my approach is both methodical and comprehensive. I am skilled and experienced......for the record.

The reason I do not claim to be a color expert, friends, is because color refuses to be dominated or boxed in. It is difficult to pin down, and there are often multiple color solutions to any given problem or scenario.

Not to personify color or anything, but color has a mind of its own. The same color changes appearance depending on the surface on which it is painted, the paint finish, time of day, what other colors surround it, and a myriad of other variables. Color is tricky and squirrely that way, no? 

Instead of calling myself a color expert, I call myself a color tamer. I tame color to make it work for you on your person, in your home or for your business.

How do I tame color, ladies and gentlemen? Well, I factor in all of the surrounding colors in any given room or in a person's natural coloring, THEN I select colors that will harmonize with them.

I also like to rebel with color. Once you know the color rules, then you can bend and even break them. Color breaks its own rules all the time anyway. Why not roll with it?

Speaking of color rules, please do comment below with any questions you'd like to see answered in my blog posts. Color questions for beauty, fashion, image, business branding, what's on trend in any industry, and home/commercial paint or surface selection are all welcomed. 

Please ask away. I am here to answer your questions...…..

Until next time,

your color tamer Lauren